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Thank you for using the 2 Geeks Web Design human interface, 2GWD has been developing web sites and fostering the online presence of companies and organizations since 2005. Our planetary base is located out of Princeton, Illinois. 2 Geeks Web Design proudly serves Bureau County, the Illinois Valley and many more scattered across planet Earth and throughout the galaxy.

At 2 Geeks Web Design, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with sites designed specifically for them, incorporating their needs and requirements. In a web full of look a like sites and stock template driven design, we take the extra steps needed to offer our clients one of a kind designs influenced by the character and personality which makes their business, organization or event stand apart from the rest. Each of our sites are designed from a blank slate and are built and designed to your specific needs, not shoe-horned into a nameless mass produced design.

At 2 Geeks Web Design, we believe in going above and beyond our clients' expectations and always strive to set goals that far surpass theirs, resulting in a degree of unmatched satisfaction.


We believe that at it's core, web design should be as completely thought out as possible allowing the user to navigate your web site intuitively. In order to ensure the needs of our client are met, we employ the following stages in the launch sequence of each site.


Your needs are our priority at 2 Geeks Web Design. At this point we will sit with you to discuss your goals and ideas. This is a critical step in the creation of your webpage, from this moment on our goal is to bring your vision to fruition and exceed your every expectation.


Form Vs. Function is no longer a losing battle. At 2GWD your ideas will not be compromised as we work hard to incorporate your concepts into a sleek, beautiful, easy to use interface.


First Impressions can last a lifetime. How your clients view your website is something we take very seriously. At 2 Geeks Web Design, we put great care into making sure your site has the form, function and security needed for your customers to efficiently navigate your web site.


Launch Day! We meet with you finalize your needs and familiarize you with your webpage. We will go over the function and user interface as well as address any questions or concerns you may have.

Domain registration, hosting, etc.. We can and will take care of everything!


We will not stop there! We understand that we all live in a changing world and your business will grow and change with the times. As changes are needed we will be available to discuss needed alterations and additions. We can also provide you with detailed reports about the traffic on your site, so that you can tailor your content to the target consumers.


Let's be honest, We are Geeks, but Geeks know technology and dream big. We bring that boundless imagination to your site.

When we first began this voyage into professional web and graphics design, we often found ourselves deliberating what to name our new venture. Of course, we covered the spectrum of current buzz words and trendy handles, but in the end it took a bit of introspection and self realization.

We are simply two guys who are mesmerized by tomorrow's gadgets which endlessly appear at today's cutting edge. Guys who enjoy tales of seemingly unimaginable creatures battling for galactic supremacy in a galaxy far far away and the possibilities that lay beyond the horizon of humanity's limited understanding. Like the intergalactic tales we immerse ourselves in, our imagination often takes us into the heavens, into the realm of our creator, a realm that knows no limits.

It's this love of the extraordinary that labels us as Geeks, and you know what? We're gonna go with it!

Ryan Sondgeroth

Ryan Sondgeroth
Pertinent Skill-Sets
HTML,   CSS,   Javascript including JQuery,   PHP,  XML,   Flash, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Interface Development, Photoshop/Graphic Design

Ryan is a 2000 Graduate from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, with a duel BS degree in Psychology & Sociology. Since 2005, Ryan has been designing web sites professionally as principal owner of 2 Geeks Web Design.

In 2012, Ryan began work with Regents Consulting, where his primarily responsibility was web application interface development used in the telecommunications industry.
Design Philosophy
Ryan believes that each client is unique, and as such, their business or organization deserves a web site designed specifically for their needs in a manner that captures the character and DNA that sets them apart. They deserve a site that is as unique as they are.

He absolutely loves what he does for a living and strives to learn as much as he can in order to provide his clients with amazing web sites each and every day!
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Steve Morton

Steve Morton
Pertinent Skill-Sets
Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, Photoshop, Image Ready), OSX, Microsoft Server 03 & 08, and iOS Management.

Steve is a full time Technology Coordinator so he has a deep appreciation for meeting the user where they are comfortable using technology. He has been building websites since 2006.

Designed, directed and produced promotional media for E3 2005
Design Philosophy
Standing at the intersection of design/development and the user experience, Steve is here to ensure that even the least tech savvy users can navigate your site.

Minds, like his, are often challenged not because of a lack on intelligence but rather an unyielding desire to consume knowledge and perfect his skills.
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2 Geeks Web Design is mission oriented and our mission is to design, develop and publish web sites that are out of this world.

Please review the previous Missions Objectives completed by 2 Geeks Web Design below! Take a minute or two to visit some of our wonderful Mission Clients.


"We started working with 2 Geeks Web Design back in 2009 to help us create our web site for our business, Grant-Johnson Funeral Home. They actually developed our obit page which was totally new to them. It is very easy for us to administer plus the whole site looks great. Anytime we have any issues they are very prompt and professional. We have recommended them to several of our friends."

Randy and Patricia Grant
Grant-Johnson Funeral Home

"As a businessman, I want things right the first time. These guys do just that. They are creative, professional and efficient, they have it all. Great job!"

Mark Karlosky
Karlosky Consulting

"I originally had my web page done by another company. I was having so many issues that I started to look elsewhere: creativeness of the site, response time in requesting changes and feedback on those changes, functionality of the site, etc. Since I hired 2 Geeks Web Design, I can honestly say that I have experienced ZERO issues with any of the above complaints I had with the original company. They have surpassed all of my expectations from both a creative and operational perspective. Giving me insight by conceptualizing my business in order to develop a site that would best fit my needs as a company, and more importantly the needs of our patients. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch web site done at an affordable price."

Link Bass

"I happen to be a duel customer of 2 Geeks Web Design. It all started when Homestead Festival needed a more functional web site. Ryan was just beginning his career in web design and he was eager to give back to his community by providing Homestead Festival with the best web site possible. Check it out!! Working with Ryan is one of the easiest partnerships I have ever had. Once that was completed I asked if he could use a Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration for the Princeton Park District web site . . . and the rest is history! He and I talk often about our success with both web sites and it all comes down to communication. Give him accurate information and your web site will be your greatest asset. You will not be disappointed if you partner with 2 Geeks Web Design. Contact them TODAY!"

Elaine Russell
Princeton Park District

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